Opting for Kathrein Is a Secure Investment in the Future

We are an innovation and technology driver

More than 660 technicians, engineers and scientists secure our lead round the world. To remain at least one step ahead, we invest 10% of revenues in Research & Development every year (2017). To date, we have approximately 1,500 (actively used) actively used patents, patents pending and utility models. We generate more than 60% of revenues annually with products which are less than two years old. Partnerships with top universities and institutes provide us with new perspectives and enrich our network with the high potentials of the industry.

We stand for top quality

Quality has played a major role since the company was founded. It was entrenched as the paramount maxim of the company. Over the decades the name Kathrein has become synonymous with quality. As a result of this company principle our products and solutions are of a particularly high quality which is marked by their durability, maturity, sophisticated design, robustness and sustainability. Both the Kathrein Group and KATHREIN SE are TÜV certified.

We guarantee great reliability

Our products and solutions are reliable to the utmost. Customers can rest assured that they are buying products and solutions which are sturdy, stable and low-maintenance and which perform as promised. They can also rest assured that Kathrein is a known quantity as a financially sound family-owned business and as a partner. In addition, Kathrein is recognised in the market as an innovation and technology driver. We generate genuine added value for our customers with our outstanding reliability.

We put the focus on our customers

All our expertise goes into advising our customers from the beginning and we also remain a competent guide, advisor and partner in the long term. We provide them with training, planning and sales support, calculation tools and appropriate individual and complete solutions. Our products and solutions are user-friendly and offer a fair price / performance ratio. The result is that our customers sense that they are well taken care of and they are very satisfied with our advice and performance. This is substantiated by customer satisfaction studies in which we have been scoring higher than our competitors for years now.