Network Trends

The relevance of megatrends as well as trends in technology and markets to the network of the future was the focus of the analysis phase. Kathrein examined and evaluated various use cases and deduced six network trends from these discussions.

Massive Data: The amount of data is increasing significantly. The data volume used in mobile networks is expanding dramatically. Mobile communication users are watching more and more high-definition videos. New use cases as well as Big Data and IoT applications that cause massive machine-type communication have to be made possible. They are becoming part of the future network.

Massive Connectivities: The number of connected devices will be many times higher than the world population. In the smart world of the future, every machine, every household device, every car and a multitude of sensors will be connected to the internet.

Coverage Everywhere: White spots, i.e. areas without network coverage, will be provided with first-time and new network infrastructures. An increase in networking means that the reliable transfer of data even to very remote areas, for example via satellite, will become ever more important.

Convergence and Virtualisation: Applications will be transmitted via a convergent network, and many network components will be replaced and complemented by standard computer architectures and new software solutions. Different services and applications can be combined and activated by different devices.

New Business Models: Many new business models will be enabled. Network operation itself will become less profitable. Network operators will therefore have to develop new ideas for new services to stay in business. This means, they will try to establish services and applications for the future consumer and market needs.

Overall Security: Digitalisation creates new opportunities for businesses – but also dangers. The connection of end devices via the internet will increase the risk of cyber attacks and data theft. Data and applications will therefore require effective protection that is permanent and universal.