Another Generation Change

13 November 2012 marks a deep break in the company history: Without warning Prof. Dr. Kathrein is robbed of his unlimited creative power at the age of 61. Under his leadership, the turnover, which was about 50 million marks in 1972, multiplied several times over within four decades.

The third Anton Kathrein leads the company

His son Anton Kathrein and daughter Julia Kathrein take the reins of the company as partners holding 75 and 25 percent of the shares. A few weeks before the death of his father, Anton Kathrein joins the company as an engineer and, at the age of 28, succeeds his father at the helm of the company as managing director. He has led Kathrein since then as a cool-headed decision maker and capable strategist. He is supported by an experienced management team consisting of Joe Doering (CMO) and Jürgen Walter (COO).


Handing over responsibility is important.
(Anton Kathrein)

Unique capabilities in the connected world

The main responsibility of the management team is to lead Kathrein technologically and structurally into the next century of company history. They are guided in this by the rapid development of data traffic in mobile communication. This business unit has become a major pillar of Kathrein and generates a considerable share of its revenue. The convergence of technologies and networks plays right into Kathrein’s hand: the company has unique expertise in various areas of communication technology. It is thus able to develop complex and intelligent solutions in response to the challenges of the smartly connected world.

As from 1 May 2018, Kathrein runs its business as a public limited European company (SE). The SE is a legal form with a very high international reputation and ensures a solid and consistent structure within the global group of companies.