We Enable Secure Communication

For law enforcement and emergency services, a trouble-free, reliable and, above all, tap-proof communication is indispensable. Police, fire brigades, technical relief agencies and other organisations rely on perfect communication and the secure exchange of information during operations.

An important requirement is that the communication is encrypted and works over special frequencies. The universal platform is the TETRA digital radio system, which structurally resembles a mobile network. This network infrastructure in the low-band area can be shared by all law enforcement and emergency services.

Kathrein makes communication for these services future-proof. Our unique know-how enables us to develop antenna solutions that combine TETRA with the mobile network. As a result, Kathrein provides state-of-the-art communication technology with high performance and reliability for safety-relevant areas.

Kathrein solutions have always been convincing due to their excellent quality. Because of their robustness and longevity, they are ideally suited for use in particularly demanding situations. In addition, the special antennas can also be combined with other Kathrein mobile communication solutions, for example from the field of building digitalisation. This increases their scope of application even more.