Do a work experience, practical training or internship at Kathrein România!

Career opportunities already await you! Kathrein, an international technology driver, offers you a multitude of opportunities to gain practical experience:

Work experience for high school students

Technical high schools often require students to do a work experience while still at school. We offer you just the right environment of expertise. Apply for a work experience placement at KATHREIN România and get real hands-on experience in our factory in Timișoara. You will have the opportunity to learn how a multinational production company operates, but also to acquire practical and theoretical knowledge in the field of telecommunications.

Practical training for university students

Technical universities usually require students to undertake practical training during the undergraduate and postgraduate years. KATHREIN România (located in Timișoara) is the right place, because it gives students the opportunity to do their practical training in a technical department specific to their faculty. You will achieve theoretical and practical knowledge in your chosen field of study. We offer placements in the following departments: ??(correct departments)??process engineering, industrialisation, design, maintenance ??, quality assurance, etc..

Internships for students in the final years of studies and for graduates

Finish off your university studies with an internship in your field of study. We offer you the opportunity to complete an internship in the last year or immediately after graduating. You have the opportunity to complete a three-month internship, during which you will learn about the production processes specific to antenna manufacturing, but also about the specific activities of each technical department within KATHREIN. In the last part of the internship, you can choose in which department you want to work. If everything goes well and you prove the right skills, you have a good chance to get a job here once you finish your studies! And not only that, you can even do your PhD with us!

Contact us any time if you have any questions – or simply send your application right now to Human Resources Romania.